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Making Certain You Have A Health Care Directive In Place

Health care directives make clear your treatment preferences. Such a document allows you to designate a loved one to make medical decisions on your behalf in the event you are incapacitated.

At Lindsay K. Richardson, Attorney at Law, in McKinney, we will draft health care directives that clearly and thoroughly state your wishes concerning future care. We will draft provisions that will address any eventuality. Whatever your personal circumstances, we will guide you toward making the right choices.

Honoring Your Wishes

Health care directives are documents that provide an individual the responsibility and authority to make medical decisions on your behalf in the event you cannot make those decisions for yourself. Such determinations could also include refusal or discontinuation of medical and life-sustaining treatments. This ultimately may be giving someone permission to make choices on whether to maintain life support or give consent for a surgical procedure. While a health care directive allows you to make advanced choices about future medical care, it is important to make these wishes clear.

Properly drafted, a health care directive provides you assurances that your loved ones will abide by your wishes. It will also provide your loved ones’ direction regarding what sort of care you desire. Without a health care directive, your loved ones may not know what sort of care you want in the event of incapacity. And confusion regarding your wishes can lead to dissension among family members and even lead to litigation. Therefore, it’s important to provide direction to them before it is too late.

When coming to our firm, you will work with a Texas lawyer who can tailor your health care directive to your unique circumstances. We will provide straightforward answers to your questions, and we will always make ourselves available to you.

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