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Update Your Will — Put Estate Planning Documents In Place

At every phase in our lives, the need for estate planning is real. You may think you are too young to need a plan or too old for it to make a difference, but please think again! You may have a spouse, children, parents, brothers or sisters, or a favorite charity you want to provide for. The decisions and actions you take to put your legal and financial affairs in order can have a great impact on your intended beneficiaries. A well-crafted will and other documents can secure a lasting final legacy by directing your assets according to your wishes.

We, at Lindsay K. Richardson, Attorney at Law, in McKinney, Texas, are prepared to guide you in helping you express your intentions for protecting your assets and your loved ones, or favorite charities when the time comes. We will accomplish this by helping you create, personalize or update documents, including:

Perhaps you have an old will but your life circumstances have changed because of a marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of children, a move to Texas from out of state, or start up of a business. You may have a growing interest in a nonprofit organization such as a church, historical society, children’s hospital, or other causes or organizations. Your testamentary documents can spell out your intentions for the distribution of assets after your death as well as for vital health care decisions during your lifetime.

For Peace Of Mind Now And Protection Of Your Legacy Tomorrow

Planning for your “someday” does not take away from living for the present in the here and now. Rather, it is as sensible as buying health insurance, car insurance or homeowners (or renters’) insurance. Estate planning is a personal responsibility as essential as choosing your life path. The decisions you spell out in your will and other documents can have a great impact on your loved ones when the time comes.

It is natural to postpone the important matter of estate planning. No one wants to contemplate the end of life when living in the present means so much. At the same time, it is important to consider sensible questions such as, “What will happen to my assets when I am no longer around? Who will make decisions for me if I am incapacitated someday?” Lindsay K. Richardson, Attorney at Law, can provide the personalized counsel you need in this area of the law.

For Help And Guidance On Wills And Estates

Lawyer Lindsay K. Richardson can also advise you on probate matters, including how to deal with an intestate death of a family member (with no will in existence). Whatever your concerns about estate planning or estate administration, contact us to schedule a consultation with no further obligation.

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