Getting Through Your Texas Divorce With An Eye On The Future

At the heart of every divorce is the idea of property division. Every asset must be accounted for in your divorce decree. Helping you arrive at an equitable, appropriate property division arrangement is a large part of the divorce law practice of Lindsay K. Richardson, Attorney at Law, in McKinney, Texas. Protecting your property rights and helping you resolve your divorce and move forward are fundamental goals that require skillful legal counsel. Lawyer Lindsay K. Richardson is prepared to help you navigate the challenges with your long-term best interests as a guiding light.

Spouses often believe they agree on how property should be divided. They may approach the law firm seeking low-cost resolution of uncontested divorce. In fact, however, discussions often reveal points of uncertainty, misunderstanding or disagreement. Ms. Richardson understands the importance of keeping legal procedures manageable and keeping costs reasonable even in the case of a contested divorce. At the same time, she knows how important it is for you to make clearheaded decisions regarding allocation of:

  • The marital home
  • Vehicles
  • A boat
  • A vacation home
  • Bank accounts and investments
  • Home furnishings and other physical objects such as sports equipment and other items that have belonged to both of you
  • Collectibles and valuables
  • Your pet(s), if applicable
  • Retirement accounts

If either of you brought assets into the marriage and they have not been intermingled with marital property, those assets may be separate property. Lindsay K. Richardson, Attorney at Law, can help you characterize all assets as joint or separate property. Staying focused on your family law goals and avoiding getting bogged down in details are worthwhile goals that a thoughtful lawyer can facilitate.

Moving Your Family Forward Through And Beyond Divorce, Past Obstacles Such As Spousal Support, Child Custody And Child Support

A family law court may consider it appropriate for one of you to pay spousal support (alimony) to the other before and/or after your divorce. If there are minor children in the marriage, your divorce decree will include court orders regarding custody, visitation and child support.

Reaching a workable parenting plan is a challenge that you can navigate with your children's best interests in mind, with the compassionate and knowledgeable guidance of Lindsay K. Richardson, Attorney at Law. Call 469-343-4990 or email us to schedule a free initial 30-minute consultation. Get personalized resolutions to issues in your divorce underway without delay.