About Lindsay K. Richardson, Attorney At Law

As a young lawyer growing a new private practice, Lindsay K. Richardson, Attorney at Law, is ready to take on your legal matter with compassion and precision. Whether you need help with a family law matter or advice on wills and estates, she brings up-to-date knowledge and a solid commitment to the table.

Family law, including divorce, child custody and child support, are special areas of interest in large part because of her upbringing. After a divorce, her single mother raised her and her siblings to become accomplished, self-confident and well-rounded young adults. She personally experienced the effects of a mostly absent father, the importance of grandparents' involvement and the possibilities for a nurturing family environment despite the challenges of parental separation.

Understanding how to put legal protections in place is fundamental for divorced and separated parents. Applying keys to nurturing children in these challenged circumstances are vital. A compassionate, knowledgeable attorney with passion can be a strong ally for you as you discover the strategies that will work best for your family.

Lindsay K. Richardson, Attorney at Law, also advises individuals and couples wishing to create or update wills, create or amend trusts or meet the challenge of administering a loved one's estate after death.

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In The Practice Of Law To Facilitate Your Success

What feels like a failure or a challenge can become a stepping stone to new possibilities. With this conviction, Lindsay K. Richardson, Attorney at Law, in McKinney, Texas, welcomes your inquiry about a divorce, a child custody matter, wills or trusts. Call 469-343-4990 or email the law offices to schedule a free 30-minute initial consultation.